Saturday, January 7, 2012


Okay, if you have not heard of Pinterest, quickly get out of that hole you've been living in and grab some duct tape and a glue gun (because I think those are the two items where every Pinterest craft starts), and request an invite (I heard there was a waiting list and believe me, it is worth the wait). This site is an online pinboard where you create a board and post Internet goodies you find for that category. This has become my go-to teacher resource website. I just type in a search item find all these incredible activities and implement them in my room.

Pinterest has totally changed the way I am teaching. It has opened up such a creative outlet for my classroom that I literally stay on the site for hours searching for anything and everything that has to do with teaching. Since joining Pinterest, I have probably used between 15 and 20 activities that I have found and have an entire board of activities, crafts, and classroom management techniques I want to use. This has also led me to check out great teacher blog and websites with awesome teacher resources. Please check out and follow my Pinterest board "That is Mrs. Riley to You" for my favorite finds!

Happy Teachings and Keep Calm

First Post!

I have always been obsessed with blogs and my job as a teacher, so I decided that I would combine the two. I know, I know there are like a bazillion (sp?) teacher blogs out there, and I am sure that there are tons and tons better than mine, but I want to give it a go. Not only to share with other educators out there, but also a place online where I can go back, and see what I did (this may save me hours of searching through file folders and book shelves).

A little about my teaching job, I have been teaching first grade (love those first graders) for three years. The school where I teach is departmentalized from K all the way through 5th grade, so I teach only first grade math. The plus side to this, I only have to plan for one subject, the downside I never really get to stray from my "math black hole." I am always trying to find creative ways to make math fun, hands-on, and memorable for the kids. I love integrating literature, music, and art into any lesson that I can. I will be sharing my ideas on here and also will make sure to include the Common Core Standard that it correlates with (gotta love those standards).

Please check back often as I will be trying to post at least three times a week.

Happy Teachings and Keep Calm